Ibn Qudamah on what invalidates fasting

July 16, 2013


By Abu Amina Elias for FaithinAllah.org

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Ibn Qudamah writes in his book Umdat fil Fiqh:

Whoever does any of the following will invalidate his fasting:

  • Eats or drinks.
  • Takes anything into his stomach through his nostrils.
  • Takes anything through any other route (such as eyedrops, injections, etc.).
  • Intentionally vomits.
  • Masturbates.
  • Kiss or touches someone resulting in discharge of semen.
  • Has cupping with bloodletting performed upon him or he does it for someone else, intentionally and while aware he is fasting.

Anyone who does any of these things has nullified his fasting.

If someone does one of these things with an absent mind or by compulsion, then his fasting is not invalidated.

If insects or dust fly into his mouth, or he rinses his mouth or sniffs water into his nose and water reaches the back of his throat, or if he thinks about intercourse and accidently ejaculates, or something enters into his urethra, or he has a wet dream, or he is overwhelmed by vomiting, then his fast is not invalidated.

If he eats or drinks thinking that it is night but it is in reality daytime, he must make up the fast for that day. If he eats because of doubt that the time of dawn prayer has arrived, then his fasting is not invalidated.

If he eats guessing wrongly that it is past the time of evening prayer, then he must make up the fast for that day.

Source: Umdat fil Fiqh

ومن أكل أو شرب أو استعط أو أوصل إلى جوفه شيئا من أي موضع كان أو استقاء فقاء أو استمنى أو قبل أو لمس فأمنى أو أمذى أو كرر النظر حتى أنزل أو احتجم عامدا ذاكرا لصومه فسد وإن فعله ناسيا أو مكرها لم يفسد صومه

وإن طار إلى حلقه ذباب أو غبار أو تمضمض أو استنشق فوصل إلى حلقه ماء أو فكر فأنزل أو قطر في إحليله أو احتلم أو ذرعه القيء لم يفسد صومه

ومن أكل يظنه ليلا فبان نهارا فعليه القضاء ومن أكل شاكا في طلوع الفجر لم يفسد صومه وإن أكل شاكا في غروب الشمس فعليه القضاء

العمدة في الفقه كتاب الصيام باب ما يفسد الصوم

Success comes from Allah, and Allah knows best.