Ibn Qudamah on Charity at the end of Ramadan, Zakat Al-Fitr

July 23, 2013


By Abu Amina Elias for FaithinAllah.org

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Ibn Qudamah writes in his book Umdat fil Fiqh:

Zakat Al-Fitr (charity given at the end of Ramadan) is an obligation upon every Muslim who owns more than the essential food he needs for himself and his dependents, to be given on the eve and the day of Eid.

The amount of charity is one Saa (about 3 liters) of wheat or barely or their flour. It can also be paid in crushed form or in dates or raisins. However, if he cannot find this, he should give any kind of food he eats that will measure equally.

Whoever must pay charity for himself must also pay it for his dependents if he owns enough on the day before Eid to pay for them.

If a person’s provision is the responsibility of a group of people, such as a shared servant or someone in difficulty who is a relative of a group, then his charity is obligatory upon them all in accordance with their share of responsibility for his provision.

It is preferable to pay the charity on the day of Eid before the prayer. It is not permissible to delay its payment until after the day of Eid, but it is permissible to pay it a day or two in advance.

It is permissible to give charity to one person that which is obligatory upon a group, and also to give charity to a group that which is obligatory upon one person.

Source: Umdat fil Fiqh

وهي واجبة على كل مسلم إذا ملك فضلا عن قوته وقوت عياله ليلة العيد ويومه وقدر الفطرة صاع من البر أو الشعير أو دقيقهما أو سويقهما أو من التمر أو الزبيب فإن لم يجده أخرج من قوته أي شيء كان صاعا

ومن لزمته فطرة نفسه لزمته فطرة من تلزمه مؤنته ليلة العيد إذا ملك ما يؤدى عنه فإن كانت مؤنته تلزم جماعة كالعبد المشترك أو المعسر القريب لجماعة ففطرته عليهم حسب مؤنته

ويستحب إخراج الفطرة يوم العيد قبل الصلاة ولا يجوز تأخيرها عن يوم العيد ويجوز تقديمها عليه بيوم أو يومين

ويجوز أن يعطى واحدا ما يلزم الجماعة والجماعة ما يلزم الواحد

العمدة في الفقه باب زكاة الفطر

Success comes from Allah, and Allah knows best.